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Week-end of October 15-16th

The Farm will be open for wagon rides and pumpkin picking all week-end. Lots of large orange pumpkins as well as a large assortment of white, decorative pumpkins as well. I have a pumpkin patch in front of the sugar house within walking distance as well as an assortment of pre-picked pumpkins. This week-end the wagon ride consist of a ride up back behind the sugar house, goes by both sets of the sugarwoods, the large pond and the viewing hill for foliage viewing. Pumpkin picking on a patch tht I have saved for this particular week-end.

Two calves (Maple and Cooper) tied up in the meadow that love there faces and back rubbed, two dozen free range chickens patrolling the area. Wagon rides start approx. noon and end at 5pm both Saturday and Sunday. Pumpkin prices are $5 small and $10 large/huge.