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Open for Blueberry picking !!



Here is a happy blueberry picker !!  I am open 7 days a week, 7am until dusk everyday. There are 4 different varieties of blueberries with the Blue Crop ripening now. There will be blueberries ripening thru August now. PYO blueberry prices are $6 quart. A few raspberries this year for $8 quart, still some tart cherries and black currants as well for $8 quart. 11 new rows of raspberries planted this year that will be ready for next seasons picking.

None of my berries are organic, yet I have never sprayed anything on the berries or the bushes. There good to eat without washing and very easy to freeze.

The chicken tractor with 50 chickens of 4 different varieties are next to the blueberries. By week-end I will have a baby calf as well !!  Name the calf contest this year from mid-July thru September.