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OOdles of Blueberries and Baby Calves


After the recent rains there are oodles of blueberries. Nice, big fat plump blueberries, prime pickings right now. Open daily for blueberry picking from 7am until dusk. Never any spraying on the berries, chickens used for all pest control.  $6 quart or $3 pint.

Also just received two baby calves last evening.  The calves were born June 14th and are both baby boys, or as we call them on the farm, bulls. They are currently located in a pen behind the sugarhouse but planning on letting them free roam on a cable in a couple of more days. Today I put the sap bucket up on the post and am continuing the “Name The Calf Contest”. This is a cute little contest where I ask visiting kids to place a name on a piece of paper what you would like the calves to be called. September 15th I shall pull two names out of the bucket, notify the youngsters and the winners receive a pumpkin from the farm of their choice.. This is always a popular contest, I love sitting down afterwards and reading all of the names that have been submitted.

Only rules are to naming the calf are to identify which calf with the proposed name, name of child and age and of course a phone number for contact information. The names and numbers are not used for any other reason.. I plan on purchasing two collars of different colors for identifying the calves. Winning names shall be posted after September 15th..