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Oct 2nd Berries and Berries

Lots of blueberries and raspberries still. I believe that we should still be picking blueberries right thru the month of August this season. Lots of green and red blueberries still. Loads of plump ripe berries. 4 varieties of blueberries, best picking is generally the far end of each row and further rows down.

Still lots of raspberries as well. All the way down are the large, purple raspberries that so many people like. Sometimes you just have to part the bushes to find many new raspberries hiding in the center.

Lots of black currents, 3/4 of the way down the raspberry row. One end there smaller with more flavor. The other end there slightly larger and sweeter.

There are 50 young chickens again doing all of the pest control, never any spraying on the plants.


Prices $3 pint $6 quart for blueberries and currants

$4 pint and $8 quart for raspberries.