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Excellent Season for Dark Maple Syrup

My season here is done boiling on the farm. It was a great season for the abundance of the darker grades of maple syrup. Made up some beautiful, smooth old Grade B maple syrup at the end. Now called Bold with Robust flavor. If you wish for the old grade B syrup please ask for it by name as I have it specially labeled. Also some of the old commercial grade syrup specially labeled C grade for only $25 half gallon or $40 gallon. Both grades are great for cooking and seasoning. We also boiled up some great Amber Rich maple syrup this season, a nice light table grade maple syrup.

Now is the time to pull the taps, clean up the sugar house and prepare for planting season.1200 balsam fir Christmas trees due first week of May to plant and sweet corn, pumpkins, corn and sunflower mazes to start planting as soon as we can get on the fields.. Going to do more cover crops this year and give some fields a break. The day old baby chicks due to arrive late April, 5 varieties again this year as well as a surprise for this season.  These chickens are all I use for pest control in the blueberry and raspberry fields. No pesticides necessary thanks to the free range chickens.