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Blueberries and blueberries

We are now open for blueberry picking. Its been a tough spring and summer due to all of the rain. The blueberries are big and plump, ripening well now. Raspberries are behind schedule, expect a bumper crop by next week-end. As usual I have 50 young chickens doing all of my pest control, no need to spray for insects as the chickens are on the job. 6 varieties of chickens this season, friendlier than ever. They eat Japanese beetles as well as tics and any other insects. Be careful, they just may peck an occasional bare toe !!

Prices for blueberries are $6 quart, $3 pint and Raspberries are $8 quart and $4 pint. There are some beautiful black currents again this season at $6 quart.