Berry Season starts Week-end after the 4th

Hello, I am hoping to open for PYO the week-end after July 4th. There are lots of blueberries and some raspberries this year. I have replaced 11 rows of raspberries which will not be ready until next season. Looks like it will be a banner year for black currants. I will have the chicken tractor up …

Front Porch of House

  The front of the house looked so pretty with the sunshine, red geraniums and the flag the other day. I painted the facial boards on the porch and roof line this spring, hope to paint the porch ceiling and floor later this summer.

Horse Drawn Equipment Restoration

  My dad has been restoring all of the old horse drawn equipment on the farm and here is the pic of the old land roller that’s almost complete !!  He used ash wood from a tree that was milled into lumber this spring specifically for this project.

WCAX Story

  Check out the local WCAX story that aired about Williston celebrating its 250th birthday. The story included some information about the farm. Click here